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Help Change A Child's World


Thanksgiving Food Coats Shoes

 Alice Joyce Holiday Adoption


Many faceted program event providing survival aid to children and families during the Thanksgiving holidays. Through food, coats, and shoe drives; grants, donations, and partnerships, and with the help of dedicated and loyal volunteers, enough food for a family to survive 2 to 3 weeks is boxed along with new coats for children and families who are in desperate need.


The Alice Joyce Holiday Adoption is a list of nominated and qualified children and families seeking assistance through counseling and outreach. You can help by adopting a child, a family, multiple families, or by providing an item such as a new coat, a shoe gift card, or a food item.


Families in desperate need survive by handing down clothes from the older child to the next child for years. Words can not describe the joy on the face of a nine year old girl when she gets a new coat for the first time in her life.

Food Ready For Boxing
Thanksgiving Food


Last night in America a child went to bed hungry. Children suffering the affects of hunger experience headaches and early fatigue. Children affected by hunger exhibit anti-social behavior during group meals, school lunches, and public dining. A single dollar goes a long way to help change a child's world with food survival aid.

Foundation Grants Fill Food Boxes
Foundation Grants


Hunger can strike in a moment with job loss, death, illness, or catastrophe. Over five million children die annually from hunger and food deficiency. Foundation grant sponsors are a constant need and blessing in providing more meat products and boxes for the food that a suffering child needs so desperately to survive one more day.

Please Support Employee Food Drives
Corporate Food Drives


More than seventeen million children live in homes that suffer from lack of food. Forty- eight million Americans are suffering to survive the emptiness of poverty. Corporate food drives, customer events, vendor sales events, and employee matching events are fantastic ways to partner with us to help a child survive one more night.

Community Partnerships Aid With New Coats
New Coats For Children


Child poverty increased in forty-four of the fifty largest U.S. cities in recent years. The number of school aged homeless children has risen fifty-seven percent since 2007. A child should never have to suffer through a killing winter storm with no coat while waiting for the hand me down tattered coat and holey shoes of an older sibling.

Volunteers Celebrate By Giving
Celebrate By Giving


Thank you so very much to all of our loyal friends, partners, and sponsors who have continually championed our dedicated mission to help children survive. Thanks to the volunteers who celebrate the holidays by giving so much of their precious time to box and package the food that is so desperately needed for survival aid.

Your Donation Of A Child's First New Coat
Donate New Coats


Planning an event or celebration? Why not add a survival aid item such as a coat or shoe gift card to your invitation? Have fun during the holidays and help change a child's winter world. There are no holidays for children suffering the pain of hunger, the emptiness of poverty, and the torment of abuse. Give the gift of warmth this Thanksgiving.

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