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Help Change A Child's World


Christmas Food Clothes Toys

Alice Joyce Holiday Adoption


Multi-faceted program event providing survival aid to children and families during the Christmas holidays. Through food and toy events; grants, donations, and partnerships, and with the help of dedicated and loyal volunteers, enough food for a family to survive 2 to 3 weeks is boxed along with bags of new toys for children and families who are in desperate need.


The Alice Joyce Holiday Adoption is a list of nominated and qualified children and families seeking assistance through counseling and outreach. You can help by adopting a child, a family, multiple families, or by providing an item such as a toy, clothes, or a food item.


Over five million children die annually from hunger and food deficency. Hunger can strike a child or family in an a moment with job loss, death, illness, catastrophe, and limited insurance benefits. Families struggling to survive the holidays can barely afford children's necessities. "Children should have a new toy on Christmas morning" , Santa Claus.

Be A Secret Santa
Be A Secret Santa


Last night in America a child slept trembling on a cold hard floor under a tattered blanket. The 'Alice Joyce Holiday Adoption' program event allows you to read about and shop for specific children and families who are qualified for assistance through counseling and outreach. A single food item or toy to a complete program event, we offer many opportunities to help change a childs world.

Intertek Holiday Party
Corporate Holiday Events


Planning an event or celebration? Why not add a Christmas item such as food or toys to your invitation? You can now support our cause by using your smart phone to accept donations at any event anywhere in the world. There are no holidays for children suffering the pain of hunger, the emptiness of poverty, and the torment of abuse.

Boxing Food For Christmas Survival Aid
Moving Christmas Survival Aid Food Boxes
Donate Food


Survival aid for children is our continual focus. Five million children die annually suffering in starvation. Complete childhoods are spent in the grasp of hunger and poverty for those who are lucky enough to survive. For those who have survived to succeed, there comes a time now to help others find the path, a time to make a difference. Children are the reason for our future, destiny, and existence. You can make a difference in a child's life.

Girl Scout Troops
ACL Boys
Give The Gift Of Time


Sixteen million children in America survive each night because of the tireless efforts of their single Moms. Ninety percent of American homeless children are from fatherless homes. Please remember the children who sacrifice their single parent everyday or night for the sake of hard earned overtime wages when you give the gift of your precious time this holiday.

Loving Hearts And Helping Hands
Gift Wrap Celebrations


Loving hearts and helping hands provide the joy and happiness that is wrapped in each gift for children to open Christmas morning.

Special thanks to our loyal and dedicated champions who sponsor our mission to help change a child's world at Christmas by shopping for bargains and working all year long to give children the joy of Christmas.

Loving Hearts And Helping Hands
Daltyn Helps Family With His Earnings
Xerox Corporation Gifting Bikes
Gift A Bike


More than fifty-one percent of all Americans suffer in poverty at some time in their lives before age sixty-five. Children in poverty begin wishing for a bike at a very early age when they see other children riding. Their wish is seldom realized. Please reach out and help change a child's world with the gift of a bicycle. A flickering moment in a child's life can be changed into a burning desire with a simple act of caring.

Worldwide Sponsorships


We strive to honor this slogan with everything we do, 'Help Change A Child's World'. Our thoughts and cares are not only for the hundreds of children we have helped, but for the children who we have yet to reach. Your generous tax deductible gifts allow children, who are fighting to survive hunger, poverty, abuse, tragedy, and disaster, to have food and toys on Christmas Day.

Regional Sponsorships


Foundation grant sponsorships enable and allow us to concentrate Christmas survival aid of clothes, food, coats, toys, health and educational items to designated regional areas of need. Please contact us for more opportunities to sponsor aid to a designated geopgraphical area. Your tax deductible gift can help change a child's world in your area.

Post Oak Bank
Community Partnerships


All of our programs, grants, partnerships, and sponsorships are specifically focused on helping to change an at risk child's life and world for the better, to increase the possibility of survival and implant a desire to help others. Please join our wave of hope and good  with your next community project or partnership. Millions of children in America cry quietly for help each night. We are a voice for the child suffering to survive one more night.

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