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Help Change A Child's World


Rebecca Brown Easter Event


This Event provides food, books, clothes, health, and educational items along with filled Easter baskets for children and families in desperate need of survival aid. Through food and toy events; grants, donations, and partnerships, and with the help of dedicated and loyal volunteers, enough food for a family to survive 2 to 3 weeks is boxed along with Easter baskets for children.


Congratulations to Rebecca 'Becky' Brown who fought hard to make this event possible. She continues to pour her heart and hands into making this a succesful annual event.


Forty-eight million Americans are struggling to survive the emptiness of poverty. More than 51 per cent of all Americans suffer in poverty before age 65. Childhoods are being lost to hunger and poverty. Please seek to find a way to help change a child's world.

Rebecca Brown Easter Event
Easter Survival Aid


There are no holidays for children suffering hunger, poverty, abuse, tragedy, or disaster. Children and families caught in the battle to survive because of events that they have no control over use every dollar they can get for basic necessities. The battle to survive does not stop when the calendar falls on a holiday.


Easter represents the ultimate day of giving. Every child should have an Easter basket and feel the joy that only the passion of giving can bring to your heart.

Easter Baskets
Easter Baskets


Thanks to all those helping hands and hearts who give so much of their precious time to help change a child's world for Easter. Thanks to all those who donate food, books, toys, and health items.The love and care that you pour into each and every child's basket is a true blessing. 


Make Easter a fun time for a child or family. Sponsor a child, family, basket, item, event or donate. You can make a difference in a child's life.

Corporate Easter Events
Easter Partnership Events


Thanks to all the companies and employees who share their events and celebrate by giving to help change a child's world at Easter. The passion, camaraderie and fun filled atmosphere that you generate in your events  touch the lives of many children who would not have Easter without your generosity.


The smile you create on an associate's face becomes the joy in a child's heart on Easter morning. Thank you for all you do to help change a child's world.

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