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Help Change a Child's World

Children's Resource Foundation - Misson

Founded in 1997, the Children’s Resource Foundation is dedicated to bringing children in need a possibility of survival and a message of hope for the future through partnerships with individual, community, corporate, and foundation grant sponsors.


This is the Twenty Fifth Annual 'Help Change A Child's World' Program providing survival aid to children who are suffering hunger, poverty, abuse, tragedy, and disaster. This program is funded annually with foundation grants, corporate sponsorships, community partnerships, public fundraising, and volunteer collaborations.


After beginning with a single event that provided food and coats for a few families and children, Help Change A Child's World has grown annually providing survival aid to hundreds of children and families in desperate need through eight program events.


The Children's Resource Foundation and Help Change A Child's World Programs, along with our #Helpchangeachildsworld hashtag are now a global movement followed in over 76 countries and 645 cities world wide.

The Children's Resource Foundation was founded in 1997 and is dedicated to the memory of 'Alice Joyce', a single Mom who suffered hunger, poverty, abuse, and tragedy. Abandoned by one husband, abused and widowed by the second, she raised six children and lost two daughters. She dedicated her entire life to her children.


Alice Joyce was a true-hearted Texas bluebonnet with her roots planted deep in the Texas prairie and her head raised proudly toward the Texas sky. Her arms were always open to her neighbors and their children even though she had only herself to offer. Despite a life of very little and much hardship, her Faith remained steadfast to the end.


She is missed very, very much and never, never forgotten.


Millions of children cry quietly for help each night. You may not hear them, but still they cry. The Children's Resource Foundation continues to be a voice for the child suffering to survive one more night.



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