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Help Change A Child's World


Hope And Help Now


This program event runs continually and annually to provide children and families suffering hunger, poverty, abuse, tragedy, and disaster with survival aid. Through grants, donations, and partnerships, and with the help of dedicated and loyal volunteers, enough food for a family to survive 2 to 3 weeks is boxed promptly for immediate relief to children fighting to survive emergency circumstances that are completely beyond their control.


Over seventy-six per cent of American wage earners live from paycheck to paycheck and are at risk of food deficiency for their children. The number of school aged homeless children has risen 57% since 2007. More than three million children in America witmess acts of domestic violence each year.


Children are the reason for our future, our destiny, and our existence. You can make a difference in a child's world. Survival aid for children is our constant focus.

Mary Lou's Fight
A Child's Fight


This is Mary Lou in her fight to survive leukemia. She lost most of her beautiful hair during her chemo. Although her pain is tremendous and her strength gone, she still has a smile for those around her.

Appliance And Furniture Aid
Giving Hope And Help


Appliances being given to children and families in desperate need. Moving into a newly built larger home with new appliances. The ones left behind can bring help and a new hope to a child's family who has no working appliances.


Emegency Survival Aid
Smiles And Tears Of Joy


No one was able to fight the tears of joy.  back during our delivery of survival aid to a single Mother and her two children. Though their road has been long and painful, their hope for the future is now evident.


Emergency Survival Aid
Hope And Help Now


A single mother and her eight children fled New Orleans during a hurricane to find themselves in a strange place when she was diagnosed with the brain tumor. After multiple brain surgeries and constant hospital visits, she is still fighting to survive for her children's sake.


New Backpack
The Smile Of A Child


The smile of a child is the unmistakeable display of a glimmer of hope in a child's life when he becomes aware that there are others who care enough to help. A future remembrance of this moment can bring hope to another child.


Giant Dog For Idalis
A Child's Fight


Idalis is a teenager fighting to survive leukemia with chemo and regular hospital visits. Her family had little money for necessities and transportation. Our visit to her and her family on Christmas morning brought survival aid and this giant dog companion sent from the adult child of another leukemia victim to aid in her battle to survive.

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