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Help Change A Child's World


Guardians Assistance Relief Distribution


This program event runs continually and annually to provide children and families of Veterans and other First Responders suffering hunger, poverty, and abuse with survival aid. Through grants, donations, and partnerships, and with the help of dedicated and loyal employees and volunteers, home services, repairs, and maintenance are provided for the children and families of those who have chosen to give more than they possibly can to guard the safety and well being of others.


Children of Veterans struggle every day to survive the suffering that their parents endure. Veterans with PTSD suffer anxiety, flashbacks, and depression that ignored can lead to alcohol abuse, drug abuse, domestic violence, and suicide. The suicide rate for Veterans is an astronomical twenty-two per day. The loss of one Veteran every sixty-five minutes is unbelievable and unacceptable.


Over one and a half million USA Veterans are at risk of homelessness due to poverty. Children of Veterans are in a battle to survive each and every hour of the day.

Electric Repair Services
Electrical Repair Services


Are you an electrical service company wishing to help the children and families of veterans by donating your resources, employees, and time to making electrical repairs in and around veteran's homes to help provide a safer environment for their children?


Your donated services can help change the world of a veteran's child.

Fencing Repairs
Fence Repair


The repair of broken and falling fences is a difficult task for veterans and their families, both physically and finacially. Are you a fence building service company that has the emploees, time, and resources to help make a veteran's yard safer for playing children?


Your donate work and supplies are very much needed for the aid of veteran's children.

Mechanical Home repairs
Mechanical Repairs


Are you a fix it company capable of making mechanical home repairs? Cabinets, closets, ceiling fans, appliances, garage doors, etc. all need repair and maintenance for the safety and growth of veteran's children. There are over one and a half million women military veterans in the USA.


Your donated services are in great need for the homes of veteran's children.

House Painting And Repairs


Painting is a huge job, and not one easily done by a veteran's child or family who is struggling to make ends meet and survive.

Are you a painter with the desire, capability and resources to aid with the repair of veteran's homes?


Your specialized services can bring a child desparately needed help and hope.

Roofing And Roof Repairs
Roof Replace And Repair


Roofing and roof repair is a not a job that can be done by many people. Most veteran's and their families live on very limited budgets. Are you with a roofing company who can make  difference in the home of a struggling veteran's family?



Your unique talent, time and resources can make a tremendous difference.

Plumbing And Leak Repair


Specialized services like plumbing are not affordable for the limited budgets of veterans.  Are you a plumbing service company?  Leaky faucets, slow and clogged drainage, and old damaged pipes need your attention.


Thank you for donating your much needed assistance for the aid of veterans children.

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